Below  is a comprehensive list showing sites, writing samples, press release and newsletters  I have worked on in the past, divided into categories. Websites
  • Ekklesia Press — This site was first created in 2009 at the request of Ekklesia Press’ owner, Tim Price.  In October, he asked for a number of revamps to the site.  The design I used, however, didn’t allow for an ease to add extra navigation to the site and I suggested switching to the current template and WordPress to allow for easier updates, blogging, news posting and sharing.  The revamped site went live Oct. 19, 2010.
  • EOGamer.com — As one of two vice presidents of EOGamer, I was responsible for the initial launch and designs of the portals on the site.  The current site is now using Drupal, which I help with posting news articles and such to the site as well as content, but very little design or site maintenance.  I am also responsible for the EOGamer Community Management and Press Relations.
  • Girlgamer.net — My personal blog/article propogating site.
  • International Video Game Hall of Fame — I have helped with content pages, particularly for Media, Sponsors and Public Relations, as my job duties on their committee revolves around this (This site was recently taken down, should be back up in the future, I hope.  GS 11-19-10)
  • JesusisReal.us — Used a premade design, altered it a bit to suit her purposes and created the site for the author.
  • Kingdom Citizenship — Used a premade design and WordPress, altered it a lot to suit his purposes and created the site for the author.  Maintenance is ongoing for this site at the request of the site owner.
  • Publicity Muse — (Set WordPress up for the owner only, not the content or design)
  • UOHomeDecor — A site set up for one of my other endeavors which is a constant work in progress, dedicated to the art of decorating homes in Ultima Online.
Press Releases Copywriting – As there are a large number of articles I have written, please click on this link to find samples of my writing.  There are too many to list on this portfolio page. Graphic Design
  • UORus — I have done all the graphics for the products and advertisements on this site.  A repeat customer who returns to me almost monthly to add products for his site.  (this site has now been switched over to a different company but some of my images remain.  GS 11-19-10).
Public Relations Director (or similar positions)
  • Marketing Director at The Council of Gaming Legends (CGL) (March 2011 to Present)
  • Marketing Director for FRAG at PAX East (March 2011)
  • Aurcade (Sept. 2010 to Jan. 2011)
  • IVGHOF (May 2010 to Oct. 2010)
  • EOGamer.com (PR-Coordinator:: Sept. 2008 to present)
  • Stratics (PR-Coordinator:: Oct. 2007 to Aug. 2008)

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