Introducing Paradox for June 2011


Paradox, the June 2011 release, combines an dynamic, interactive arsenal with style and beauty.

Achieved with the functional scrolling widget features, and a diverse array of Preset Styles.

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Gantry Framework – GPL, Free and Multi-Platform


The Gantry Framework is the foundation of the features and functions of the theme.

Notably, it provides for a rich, friendly user interface to control major theme elements.

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Style Variation

  • Presets: 8 preset configurations of varying color schemes.
  • Background: 3 levels of detail for the main background: High, Med and Low.
  • Body: 2 levels of detailing for the body of the theme: High and Low

More Theme Features

  • Mobile: Custom theme support for both iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Positions: 70 collapsible widgets with 6 Grid Position Rows.
  • Fusion: A Mootools enhanced CSS dropdown menu, with multi-column and subtext support.

The Widget Position Scroller feature places multiple tiers of widgets within the same row, inside a rotation effect. Therefore, instead of stacking, the widgets appear through transition, either by automatic or manual (via arrows) fade.

Control the scrolling feature on a per widget row, and even a per override basis. There are settings to enable/disable the feature, as well as set the duration time, animation effect, delay time and manual/automatic rotation.

The scroller only activates on one condition: if enabled, when more than one widget is placed before any of the Divider widgets in the scroller position positions.

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Styled Plugins

A series of customized RocketTheme plugins accompany this release, e.g. custom styling for RokTabs and RokNavMenu.

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Widget Variations

Individualize your content with a range of 16 variations, allowing for structural or visual change between each widget.

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Demo Installer

Deploy a replica of the June demo with ease, using the available RocketLauncher package (theme included).

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Preset Styles

Preset Styles with multiple background and body levels for each, making the theme adaptable to the personal preference and style needs.

Smart Loading

Load images only when needed. Unless cache, website images will only appear once them are within the browser window, saving on performance and time.

Core Framework Overview

Gantry Framework: An extensive foundation for all our templates. It provides the base for a series of advanced features and functions, as well as being completely adaptable, allowing templates to be as extensive as creatively possible. The override and layout features of Gantry give its true versatility, above and beyond its ranged core advantages.